Premiere Setups

Top-Tier exclusive and premade setups.

Why Premiere Setups?

database Management

Designed with both large and small playerbases in mind, most important plugins are able to connect to a database to keep your server running smoothly

Efficient Configurations

Each configuration is completely optimized to help server performance and keep the server easy to navigate and use for your players.

Beautiful Designs

Design is an important part of any server, having beautiful designs is one of the best ways to keep your players visually appealed and our servers do just that.

Buycraft Ready

All servers we create are completely Buycraft ready so you can start taking donations for your server immediately.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the pricing Right for you



  • Plug and Play Setup
  • Includes Custom Plugins
  • Easily Customizable
  • 24/7 Support



  • Your list of features
  • Built on your server
  • Forever bug repair warranty
  • Custom built to fit your needs

Achievements that we are proud of

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Happy Customers

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Custom Servers Created


Hear what they have to say about Us!

"Worked with Premiere Setups for a very long time and have always had a very pleasant experience. The setups are always done and on time and way above the quality that we were even close to expecting."
System Developer
"Premiere Setups is an amazing company that creates what I have seen to be some of the most beautiful setups are the market. The way they always put so much thought into how the server will look astounds me."
"Created a few amazing servers using Premiere Setups, everytime the players are amazed with the way the server runs, how beautiful all the builds and color scheme flow together and how smooth everything feels overall."
Mythical Best
Server Owner
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