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Get sleek, beautiful servers for the best prices.

We always bring you the highest quality servers for the best price out there. Each setup we create is hand created for you by your specifications to ensure that you are happy with your product.

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Our servers are built from the ground up to ensure sure they are always exclusive and optimized.

affordable pricing

Our setups are always priced affordably.
without ever compromising quality

Top of the line servers

Our setups are handcrafted every time an order is placed so your
setup will look unique and stand out from all the others.

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Previous Clients

  • Luigical, is an amazing setup specialist with a great knowledge and experience with staggering professionalism.

  • Purchased 3 setups The quality in them is outstanding. Best on market hands down. His customer support is just as good as the quality. Have been working with Luigical and Premiere for 2 months now and can't wait for my launch due to how good these servers look.

  • Luigical is great and loves his work, tries to do anything to help, and he even helped me for free after the completion of a setup!


Servers that run flawlessly.

  • Design

    We take your builds, your color scheme, and your vison and create the server you have been envisioning. With dozens of top tier servers created we are always able to make your setup look amazing.

  • Playerbase

    These servers are designed for a small playerbase of only a few players to a large scale hundreds of players server.

  • Configuration

    Founded in 2016, our years of knowledge about plugins and their features allows us to setup your server to it's full potential.

  • Networks

    Not only are we extremely qualified in single server setups. We are also able to create large networks that synchronize ranks and other important information from server to server.

Choose your gamemode and get started today.


Who doesn't love an orignal? Factions is a player loved gamemode that always brings in the competition!


Prison is a favorite with longer playtimes and amazing enchantments what is not to love about prison servers?


Who doesn't love working from the ground up? Skyblock is a classic survival gamemode that players love.


The ever popular survival server. Who doesn't love the bare bones of surviving?


For the really intense players there is always hardcore factions. These players take it up a level.

Kit PvP

For those who can't get enough combat there is always KitPvp. With custom kits and events what could be deadlier?

Premade Setups