Terms of Service

All Setups

  1. No chargebacks. Once started you remove all rights to my products.
  2. No refunds will be given after purchase.
  3. You may not claim my work as your own. 
  4. Upon any sort of modification to the setup we cannot guarantee your warranty, however, we will try and help fix any bugs and issues even after small modifications.
  5. If you use my configurations to violate the EULA I am not held responsible. 
  6. If a chargeback is opened I have full permission to do whatever I desire will all the files you have given me access too. 

Premade Setups

  1. You may not share or resell any resource in any way. 
  2. You are not allowed to resell any part of my setup. 

Exclusive Setups

  1. You may not claim my work as your own. 
  2. You do not have resell rights unless discussed with me.

Upon violation of these TOS, you give up all rights to use/sell any product that we have created. I have permission to update the TOS at any time.

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